Sohla x


January 6, 2020 

white Christmas

December 14, 2020

one to keep for any future offspring. 

New York Times 2020

December 4, 2020


Hannah's work station



October 23, 2020

flipping through YSL book and DAMN. so good. 







September 9, 2020



July 31, 2020

hello it's me and quarantine roots. have a lovely weekend x

quarantine hair

July 27, 2020

HI HELLO. been a minute.  


poutine stop


June 14, 2020



June 8, 2020

Woah. The world has felt so heavy this past couple weeks. Trying to read as much as I can. 

In the meantime, this piece by Crystal Coulter. "Take Care of Yourself".  

May 25, 2020

Had a throwback to the stairwell at the Tate St. Ives that was painted by France-Lise McGurn. Wish I could be in this room.  

May 24, 2020

 Sunday night work session. This summer we are working on a project that I've wanted to get onto for a while. It feels so nice working creatively with my sister. And now, because of lockdown, I can force her to do so HA. 

Sunday work session

Sunday work session

May 22, 2020

outfits lately 



May 19, 2020

the sky tonight. no filter. 

orange sky

May 18, 2020

hey friends, in love with this song at the minute. Also these rugs by Pieces by An Aesthetic Pursuit. yum.

May 16, 2020

 hahaha. made me laugh because this is all of us right now in quarantine. 

unibrow love

May 15, 2020

Coffee and emails. Reading The War of Art.

Remind yourself how resistance is manifesting in you today.   

morning coffee


May 14, 2020

Currently taking over a room in my mum's house with books and notes and paints and general mess. Thinking about this sun day for Hannah's bday. x

May 13, 2020

I'm in a bit of a comfort bubble right now. I've just moved home to Toronto. It was something I resisted for a long time. London was a place that made me grow up in a lot of ways. I'm going to miss all the free museums and the parks (omg the parks) and the windy streets (and also the fact that I knew how to get around them). The people definitely. 

But, since being home I've felt lighter. I feel free to create and to build and to grow. I'm so excited for this next chapter. 

Good night friends. I'm trying a thing where I go to bed before 12pm. x

(here is a photo of one of many architecture models from Hannah's desk)