77 Grange // Squig Space

Squig Space is one step closer to becoming a real place! Head over to our blogpost to learn more about the evolution of how we ended up here. 

77 Grange Ave. is located in the heart of Chinatown and is the ideal spot to plant our roots. This has been a dream with several years in the making and we are thrilled it has become a reality.


Current Condition: 





  • Explorational/ Multi-disciplinary
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Collaboration / Connection


  • Like-minded artists/ makers
  • People who want to support the arts / casual creatives / people looking to learn 

Building Characteristics:

  • Integrated into the growing arts community emerging around the site 
  • Organic/ unique shape 
  • Old auto-body shop


First Floor
  • Studio Space 
    • Flexible and multi-disciplinary
    • Artists in Residence
  • Event Space
    • Transitional/ Flexible 
  • Retail Space
    • Brick + Mortar & Online Shop
    • Coffee Shop/ Lounge Space 
Second Floor
  • Open space 
  • Co-working/ Workspace
  • Studio Space


Precedent #1 - Blackhorse Workshop, Assemble 

  • open workshop space
  • membership based
  • café space

Precedent #2 - Granby Winter Garden, Assemble

  • Converted derelict houses into a new shared garden
  • Meeting and event space
  • Accommodation for artist in residence


 Precedent #3 - Higuma Donuts, CHAB Design 

  • A open, communal lounge space
  • below street level so people can sit and look towards the plants and sky, instead of busy street